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  • Renaming a published Android App from CordovaApp to your App's project name

    Here's an interesting quirk when using the Ionic framework (version 1.2.13) with Cordova PhoneGap (version 4.1.2) to create an Android App build. You run the following command:

    ionic build --release android

    And once the build process has successfully completed the CLI displays the following output:

    Total time: 8 seconds
    Built the following apk(s):

    The only problem? The built apk file is named as CordovaApp and NOT as the name of your project.

    Resolving this involves a few steps to work through...

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  • Android directory naming convention caveat for PhoneGap Apps

    Here's an interesting 'gotcha' when developing Android Apps with Cordova PhoneGap and Ionic Framework...

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