Fixing Xcode error with iPad multitasking support requires these orientations warning

May 8, 2016, 7:45 pm
Author: James Griffiths

Here's a new Xcode error we came across when attempting to submit an archive to the Apple App Store:

Xcode iPad error warning

This one confused us at first because we had selected the orientations for how the App would be displayed in our project settings file.

The solution is, however, absurdly simple...

Now whether this works on your particular system/software set-up we can't say but here's our app development environment:

  • Mac OS 10.11.4 (El Capitan)
  • Xcode 7.3
  • Apache Cordova 6.1.1

With that said solving the submission error involved selecting the Requires full screen checkbox in the Deployment Info section of the General settings in the project Targets like so:

Xcode project targets settings with Requires full secreen option selected

Creating a new archive, with this setting selected, and then submitting that to the Apple App Store removes this error from appearing again.


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