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Resolving Xcode CFBundleIcons no image found error

Posted: April 14, 2016
Written by: Saints At Play
Category: Apple

Xcode is pretty great for a free piece of software BUT that doesn't mean it's without its quirks.

One of those that we encountered recently was the following message when attempting to submit an archived package to the Apple App Store:

ERROR ITMS-90032:“Invalid Image Path - No image found at the path referenced under key 'CFBundleIcons': icon.png”

Not the kind of warning you expect to see after optimising your App and providing all the necessary launch icons and splash screens - even more so AFTER the App had passed validation - so what was causing this?

After a little digging around online (and where would be as developers without Google or Stack Overflow?!) we found that the issue was caused by a bad key in the project Info property list as displayed below.

Xcode Icon file

Simply deleting the highlighted Icon file key within Xcode resolved the issue completely.

Always nice when it's a simple fix! :)

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