De-motivate Me

Published: April 2016
  • Ionic 3
  • Angular
  • Sass
  • Apache Cordova
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Are you as sick and tired of the selfie generation and its endless narcissism as we are? Fed up with all the self-help, feel good New Age books, videos & Apps telling people how wonderful they are? Need a dose of reality to balance out the noise of others?

Then take a look at De-motivate Me - our iOS & Android App designed to deliver daily de-motivational tips and hints designed to lower situations of high self-esteem and excess narcissism by bringing people firmly back to reality.

Developed in Ionic and Apache Cordova the App provides the following features:

  • Random daily comment/tip designed to bring down levels of self-esteem
  • Loser rating - so that users can determine just how much of a loser they really are
  • Share daily comment/loser rating with others

With our handy App's daily de-motivational quotes you can be sure to challenge self-esteem at the tap of the screen!