Smartphone Ebola App

Published: November 2014
  • Apache Cordova
  • Ionic 1
  • AngularJS
  • Twitter/Google Maps API
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With global concern over the Ebola outbreak in Western Africa and heightened fears over transmission to other continents and countries we put together a smartphone App to help provide information, track outbreak progress and prove a resource for travellers, health workers and concerned parties to use.

Built with Cordova PhoneGap and the fantastic Ionic Framework we designed the App with the following core modules as informational pillars:

  • Affected locations
  • Outbreak statistics
  • Timelines
  • Travel Information
  • Staying Safe
  • News updates

Engineered over the period of a month and designed for the iPhone (iOS 6+) and Android (v4.2+) platforms we integrated Google Maps for displaying location based information, Twitter for the latest news updates and breaking stories along with Google Analytics for tracking user interaction with different sections of the App.