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Rich Internet Applications

Deliver requested content in less time without the page overhead. Encourage and allow users to market your services directly from your website. Create interactive and engaging content that keeps visitors coming back. Wishful thinking?

Not with our rich internet applications. Combining a user friendly viewing experience with cutting edge technologies to effectively market your services and engage with your customer’s just got easier. We can develop your website to reduce page refreshes by only loading specific content within the page, not the entire page itself. This helps reduce demands on bandwidth, streamlines the web viewing experience and improves how visitor’s interact with your site.

Additionally, we can implement functionality to allow visitor’s to market your products and services through interacting with the website. Whether this be through social bookmarking resources, blogging tools, sharing content across multiple platforms such as facebook and twitter or viral media assets we can help create that user engagement.

Furthermore, our rich internet applications are engineered to provide the most effective user experience with technologies and approaches determined by their suitability not because they’re fashionable. This means you’ll never have to worry about your target audience being unable to engage with your on-line presence.

Using technologies from jQuery and XML to PHP and AJAX we can deliver applications that take advantage of the following features and functionality:

  • Database/XML integration
  • Rich Media such as video and audio
  • Optimised file sizes for reduced bandwidth
  • Graceful degradation/unobtrusive javascript methodologies
  • Social bookmarking & content distribution tools
  • External API integration
  • Interactive blogging tools and content tagging