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Accessible websites and mobile applications

What good is a website if your visitors experience difficulties in accessing that content? Why have a web presence that excludes certain people from being able to interact with your products and services? Wouldn’t that be counter productive to business?

Surprisingly many businesses do exactly that. They don’t consider how their visitors may or may not be able to engage with their website, particularly disabled user’s. Unfortunately this means that the website doesn’t generate the sales/leads and interest that it should but could also lead to potential legal problems for the business.

Put simply if your website is inaccessible to disabled people then you are at risk of breaking the law, specifically the Disability and Discrimination Act.

At Saints at Play we develop our websites and digital applications with accessibility as a core feature. This means that people from all walks of life will have the best possible chance to interact meaningfully with your web presence within the boundaries of their ability. To help make your web presence or digital application accessible we can offer the following functionality:

  • Design of website interface and key areas for user interaction
  • Construction of page mark-up to help facilitate better ‘flow’ of information and ease of use
  • Integrate keyboard shortcuts and navigation features for non-mouse users
  • Writing page copy that is informative, easy to follow and user friendly
  • Ability to change page text size
  • Optimisation of images, links and media assets with descriptive text for screen reader software
  • Heatmap analytical software to help determine which areas of your website may be presenting issues with your site visitor’s
  • Testing with a wide range of accessibility tools

We are passionate about delivering great user experiences and strive to make your project as accessible to as wide an audience as possible. Get in touch with Saints at Play today to see how we can help deliver your web presence in the most complete, user friendly package.